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High quality extraction thimbles manufacturer

We are an extraction thimbles manufacturer located in Spain.

We create cellulose extraction thimbles, glass microfiber thimbles and quartz microfiber thimbles and export them all around the world.

imgCellulose extraction thimblesimgGlass microfiber thimblesimgQuartz microfiber thimbles

Grade 208

Grade 209: Without binders.
Grade 210: With inorganic binder.

Grade 211

High purity: AquaLab extraction thimbles are made of noble cellulose fibers and cotton linters free from impurities.

High purity: Glass microfiber thimbles are made of borosilicate glass fibers.

High purity: Made with pure quartz microfibers.

AquaLab extraction thimbles are frequently used in Soxhlet extractors or similar.

Max. usage temperature: 500ºC.


Without binders or additives.

Max. usage temperature: 900ºC.

Low heavy metal content.


  • Soxhlet extraction for determination of fats, lipids additives or pesticides in the food industry.
  • Soxhlet extraction of oil and softeners
  • Extraction of oil and lubricants in slurry and waste water.
  • Extraction of mineral oils in rocks.
  • Extraction of polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) in soil and slurry, e.g. dioxin.
  • Extraction of monomeric components in plastic materials and rubber.


  • Controls of emission at high temperature.
  • Prefiltration of gases and analyzers.
  • Gravimetric analysis of dust in gases.


  • Emission control in industrial smokestacks with isokinetic probes.
  • Gravimetic calculations in gases.
  • Analysis of hot and acidic gases.
  • Trace element analysis.
  • Air sampling.
  • Monitoring of exhaust fumes.

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