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About us

  • 1 AquaLab Supplies is an experienced company in the national and international market.

  • 2 Our company is born with the intention of giving an atlernative of high quality products to the extraction thimbles sector in the international market.

  • 3 Aqualab Supplies is integrated by staff with a lot of epereience in the sector, it works only with high quality raw material, wich combined with the last technology in the manufacturing of extraction thimbles, the result is a product of high range, and delivered with an impeccable presentation.

  • 4 Our philosophy is based on quality and the good service. That is why we try to deliver a high quality product as promptly as possible.

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Why us?

  • 1 » All benefits of being manufacturer
  • 2 »Competitive prices
  • 3 »Fast delivery time
  • 4 »High purity
  • 5 »Quality control
  • 6 »Good external presentation
  • 7 »Higienical packaging


Specialized in Extraction Thimbles

cellulose extraction thimbles

Cellulose extraction thimbles

glass microfiber thimbles soxhlet

Glass microfiber thimbles / Glass fiber thimbles

quartz microfiber thimbles soxhlet gases

Quartz microfiber thimbles / Quartz thimble

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